Wide width Extrusion Lamination

We Offer Next Generation Technology LAMISTARTM Series Extrusion Coating and Laminating Lines with latest centralized PLC control System. These Lamination Machines are working for processing PP/LDPE Lamination Grade Polymer Raw Materials for multiple Coating / Laminating applications, viz; Laminated / Coated Woven Wider Width Flat fabric of PP or HDPE for Production of TARPAULIN, GEOTEXTILES, POND LINING, MULCHING and VARIOUS COVERING APPLICATIONS.

  • E LAM WIW 6200 (#20FT)
  • E LAM WIW 4100 (#12FT)
  • E LAM WIW 3400 (10FT)
  • E LAM WIW 2700 (8FT)
  • E LAM WIW 2200 (6FT)
  • E LAM TARP 6200 (20FT)
  • E LAM TARP 4100 (12FT)
  • E LAM TARP 3400 (10FT)
  • E LAM TARP 2700 (8FT)
  • E LAM TARP 2200 (6FT)
  • Centralized PLC System Control With Full Touch Screen Color HMI
  • Extruder Gearbox, Helical Type With In Built Cooling Arrangement.
  • On Line Polymer Granule ( Raw ,Material) Mixer With Drying Facility Dosing And Mixing Unit ^
  • Melt Pump System ^
  • Precision “Coat Hanger” Design Die With Both Side Deckling System Corona Treatment System To Reduce Surface Energy Of Substrate For Better Bonding
  • Online Fabric Roll Changeover System In Un Winder Unit For Continuous Operation.
  • Pneumo Hydraulic Type Web Guiding System With Edge Position Controller.
  • Electronic Auto Tension Control System For Unwinding And Rewinding (Surface Winder) Unit
  • Substrate Fabric Path Compensating System.
  • Electronic Fully Automatic Edge Trim Cutting System*
  • Unique On-Line Edge Trim Winding System.
  • Mirror/Matt Super Finish Laminator Roller With The Provision For Cleaning Or De Scaling
  • Sandwich Unwinding Unit With Tension Controlling System For Production Of Multilayer Laminated Substrate
  • Continuous Contact/Surface/Friction Rewinder With Auto Roll Changeover System For Nonstop Operation*
  • Pneumatic/ Air Shafts For Unwinding And Re-Winding Unit*
  • Power Regulated Heating Control.
  • Option Of Electric Chain Hoisting System For Roll Loading & Un Loading ^
  • Option Of Custom Solutions As Per Buyer’s Requirements.
  • Substrate Fabric Stretching System For Unwrinkled Substrate Fabric Entry Into The Laminator Nip Rolls.
  • Innovative Tangent Point Setting System Of Laminator Roll Assembly