Tandem Extrusion Lamination Machine

Exclusive & Premium Range of : Extrusion Lamination Machines "TANDEM" Type for Sandwich Extusion Lamination of PrePrinted BOPP films with PP Woven Fabrics, Paper, Aluminium Foils, Polyester; for Bulk and Flexible Packaging of Variety of Agricultural Products like; Rice, Wheat, Maida, Pulses, Dal, Shrimp feed, etc, etc...

  • TANDEM 900
  • TANDEM 1000
  • TANDEM 1350
  • TANDEM 1700
  • TANDEM 2200
  • TANDEM 2700
  • TANDEM 3500
  • TANDEM 4100
  • TANDEM 6200
Salient Features

Extrusion Lamination and Coating Plants with High Speed High Production upto 200mts/min for Flat and Clircular Woven Fabrics. Sandwitch Lamination of printed BOPP. Polyster, Paper, Jute, Non-Wovens, Cotton Fabrics, Woven Sacks, Fabrics, Aluminium Foils and Tarpaulins.

Our Highest Selling, Proven and Versatile High Speed High Production Extrusion Lamination plants for Laminating, Woven Sacks, Jumbo Bags and FIBC Fabrics, sandwitch lamination of BOPP/Polyster , CPP, Paper and Aliminium foils, now available with MIXTRUDE ™ Technology

  • Extruder Gearbox with in build cooling technology
  • Imported Highly Precision Die with Both Side Deckling System
  • Fully Auto Electronic Web Guiding System*
  • Electronic Tension Controlling System for unwinding and Rewinding Unit
  • Centralized PLC system with full touch color HMI
  • Innovative Tangent Point Setting System of Laminator Roll Assembly
  • Unique On-Line Edge Trim Recycling System, zero wastage
  • Corona Treatment System to reduce Surface Energy of Substrate for better bonding
  • Online fabric roll changeover system in un winder unit for continuous operation
  • Fully Electronic Automatic Edge Trim Cutting System*
  • Mirror/Matt Super finish Laminator Roller with the Provision for Cleaning or de scaling
  • Stainless Steel Turn bar System with Air cushion Technology for wrinkle free Operation*
  • Back to Back (F&B) Auto Print Mark Registration system*
  • Sandwich unwinding unit with Tension Controlling System*
  • Continuous Contact/Surface/Friction Rewinder with Auto Roll Changeover System for nonstop operation*
  • on line Granule Mixer with Drying Facility
  • Pneumatic/ Air Shafts for Winding Unit*
  • Dosing and Mixing unit ^
  • Melt Pump System ^
  • Electric Chain Hoisting system for Roll Loading & un Loading ^