PP Spun Bond Non Woven Fabric Plant

The Polypropylene (PP) Spun-Bond Non-Woven Fabric composite manufacturing equipment has been developed after years of practice and production operations, which makes the design and operation more user friendly. At the same time, incorporation of foreign advanced technology & specifications lead to superior performance, net uniform & beautiful color, resulting in Excellent Product Quality.

The production process can also add renewable raw materials and filler materials to reduce product costs..

Types & Specifications

S, SS, SMS, SMMS Customized PP Non-Woven Fabric Production Lines are available.

Available Working Width Range : 1600mm, 2400mm, 3200mm, 4500mm and Special Sizes. (S stands for Spun-Bonded & M stands for Melt-Blown)

Main Specifications

Width: 1.6m, 2.4m, 3.2m & 4.5m ( Special Sizes Available on Request)

Max Winding Diameter: 1200mm.

Productivity: 70g/square meter, 6t---7t/24 hours.

Monofilament Fiber Denier Range ( Overall ) ; 1-4 Den

Main material: PP chips or PP powder along with Color Additives & Filler Material.

Grammage Overall : 10-250GSM

Mechanical Speed : 10-150m/min.

Electricity Consumption : 800-1400kwh/t

Material Wastage Consumption Rate : 0.5%

Product Quality Standard: Confirms to our National Standards.

Salient Features

Advanced Technologies from overseas and the domestic production experience of our Company has been used in developing these Non-Woven Fabric Production Lines. The Line's advantage is lower capital investment, compact construction, smaller working area, easy production technology and operations with less labor and wide compatibility. These lines produce Polypropylene (PP) Non-Woven Fabric by negative wind pressure to make the PP Spun-Bonded Non-Woven Fabric with excellent even Layflat width, excellent tensile strength, better ventilation and better soft feelings. It has been in wide application for Medical Supplies, Hygiene, Packaging Industry, Agriculture and so on......

The PLC / Computer control system incorporated in the Non-Woven Fabric Production Lines are simple & easy to use for making the technical adjustments more easier and reliable and the Lines are suitable for different raw materials to give more versatility in usage.

Simple space requirements for the Non-Woven Fabric Production Lines, greatly reduce the real estate investment and enlarge the utilization of the workshop.

Specialized Processing Equipment incorporated in the Non-Woven Fabric Production Lines improve the machine's accuracy and performance, reduce manufacturing costs, thereby, making Excellent Finish Products with Economical Advantage.