Gearless Tape Stretching Lines

Gujarat Machinery Pvt Ltd offers a Complete Range of Extrusion Tape Stretching Lines for the Production of Excellent and Superior Quality of PP / HDPE (Raffia Grade) Tapes / Yarns for a Wide Range of Applications, viz; PP / HDPE Woven Sacks / Woven Bags / Woven Fabrics, FIBC Fabrics / JUMBO Bags, Geo-Textiles and Agro-Textiles, Carpet Backing, Fibrillated Artificial Grass, Wrapping Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Ropes, Twines and Many More...

These Precision Engineered High Speed Tape Stretching Lines are of Premium Quality with “State of the Art” Technology Incorporating World Famous Branded Components from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA and Japan along with Value Additions which Give our Esteemed Clients a Leadership and Competitive Edge. Our Machines are having Excellent Price to Performance Ratio ( Best in Class Value ) and Meet all Latest International Standards.

Basically, We offer Two Different Types of Tape Stretching Lines based on Stretching System. TAPESTAR tm Series offers Conventional Single Stage Stretching and the HIGH SPEED TAPESTAR tm along with System DUGOTEC offers Two Stage Stretching, Wherein; the Tapes are Primarily Stretched before passing through Hot Air Oven for Final Stretching, thereby, Improving Stability of the Tape / Yarn and Ensures Excellent Tape / Yarn Properties and Characteristics. We can also provide Customized Extrusion Solutions / Special Purpose Extrusion Machines, as per the Requirements of Customers.

  • IDTP HS 900 D 2000
  • IDTP HS 700 D 1800
  • IDTP HS 600 D-1700
  • IDTP HS 450 D 1600
  • IDTP HS 350 D 1500
  • IDTP 900 D 2000
  • IDTP 700 D 1800
  • IDTP 600 D 1700
  • IDTP 450 D 1600
  • IDTP 350 D 1600
  • IDTP 350 D 1500
  • IDTP 350 D 1400
  • IDTP 350 D 1200
  • IDTP 250 D 1200
  • IDTP 250 D 1000
  • IDTP 150 D 700
  • IDTP 100 D 450

Innovative Extrusion

Energy Efficient Extrusion Unit with MAXTRUDERTM and MIXTRUDETM Technologies, Online Mixer, Continuous Filtering System, Precise Flat Die.

Energy Efficient Oven

With PID Controlled Thyristorized Heating System.
World’s First COMBITEC System incorporating an Oven and a Hotplate in a single unit assembly. Extra Option available for Hot Plate for HDPE Processing, Extra Length Equipment like Oven and Hot Plate.

Sleek Design

Stretching & Annealing Godet Unit with up to 400mm Diameter with Operational and Safety Guard System. DUGOTEK Option with and additional Godet with Heating Rollers, Fibrillating Unit from Europe.

Best Melt Quality

European Melt / Gear Pump. Delivers Pulse free, Accurate Volume per RPM with Accurate Melt Flow Pressure Control for low Melt Flow Variation.

Best in Class

Helical Extruder Gear Box perform most efficiently with lowest transmission / energy losses.
Extra Option available for GEARLESSTM Extruder Drive with DIRECT TORQUE Motors, thereby, saving on Energy Consumption.

Perfect Winding

WYNDONNTM Inverter Driven winders with High Speed Operation Ensure Lowest Power Consumption and Perfect .

Smart Operating

HMI Touch Screen with PLC Control Unit. Ease of Operations, Live Display of Electric Load, Output, Alarms and Many More Production Friendly Features.

Salient Features

First In India To Launch Fully Inverter Duty Tape Stretching Plants TAPESTARTM Along With Inverter Duty Winders WYNDONNTM.

Extrusion Plants With Low Process Variations In Terms Of Denier, GSM & Film Thickness In Microns.

Extrusion Plants With Negligible Maintenance Costs As Machines Are Manufactured With World Standard Components and Heavy Duty Duarable and Sturdy Structure

Extrusion Plants With Lowest Energy Consumption In Their Class With Options Of Centralized Computer Control & Are Most Economical To Run.

  • Melting capacity of up to 1000 Kgs / Hour
  • Higher Machine / Line Speed up to 600 Mtr/Min
  • Universal Processing of PP / HDPE (Raffia Grade Polymers)
  • Optimum Tenacity Tapes with Low Denier Variation
  • Lower Energy Consumption with Simple and Economical Maintenance
  • Lowest Capital Investment per Kg Output Capacity
  • Ease of use with Exceptional Versatility
  • Outstanding Cost Efficiency