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PP Woven Sack Manufacturing Machines

Extrusion Tape Stretching Plant have been developed for producing PP / HDPE tapes for many applications such as Woven Sacks / Knitted Bags / Raffia tapes, FIBC , Jumbo Bags , Carpet Backing, Trapanlins , Wrapping fabrics & many other applications...

PP Woven Sack Machines

Range and Capacity :-

From 100Kgs/hr to 900kgs/hr. for PP/HDPE.


IDTP - HS-900-D-1600
IDTP - HS-600-D-1600
IDTP - HS-450-D-1500
IDTP - 450-D-1500
IDTP - 350-D-1400
IDTP - 350-D-1250
IDTP - 250-D-1250
IDTP - 250-D-1100
IDTP - 150-D-1000
IDTP - 150-D-800
IDTP - 100-D-650

Salient Features :-

  • First in india to launch fully inverter duty Tape Stretching Plants along with inverter duty winders.
  • Extrusion Plants with low process variations in terms of Denier, GSM & Film Thickness in Microns.
  • Extrusion Plants with negligible maintenance costs as machines are manufactured with world standard components.
  • Extrusion Plants with lowerst energy consumption in their class with options of centralised computer control & are most economical to run.